Health Effects of the great mass migration:

Studies of past migration confirms that,the traumas and hardships experienced by migrants often have an impact years later,reflecting in higher incidences of non-communicable,chronic diseases such as DM type 2. Further studies based on 1550 asylum households,showed that at least one or more member of every household suffers from hypertension,cardiovascular disease,diabtetes,  chronic respiratory diseases and arthritis and 41%incidence of mental health problems in which half of them suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) and depression.It is noted be noted that only recently these definable mental health issues have been recognized.

Asylums or Refugee Jungles?

In 2014, migrants detained in Greek detention centres suffered as a result of prolonged detention which resulted in high incidence of various disorders along with hypothermia.The asylums around the world referred to as ‘Jungle’ by the inhabitants, contains almost no public health infrastructure(WASH) with poor sanitation,water,hygiene.Primary health care services are disrupted,failing patients to access ongoing health care.Pregnant women gave no access to life-saving obstetric care. Pateints with untreated chronic diseases face the prospect of death or disabilities.To be noted that at the end of 2013, the polio outbreak in Dier ez-Zor served to remind the dropping vaccination rates for children.

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Traffickers sexually abuse migrants both women and children by raping them in exchange for blankets, food or opportunity to evade to the hosting nations.Organized crime groups double victimize children as they are easy to recruit and quick to replace and be controlled.

It is reported that 67% people are trafficked into sex work and 21% into forced labour.The remainder of trafficking victims faced an equally grim catalogue of exploitation, ranging from domestic servitude to forced begging.

Some asylums, contain shipping containers that have been converted into shelters with bunkbeds and windows and referred as “Squalid” and “Unsanitary”Additionally, geographic, economic, linguistic and administrative and deficiency of humanitarian assistance is calamitous to the situation.

Refugee protection and Ensuring Access to Health Care and Havens:

An implementing pattern has to be pushed forward providing access services and integration. Special assistance arrangements for vulnerable refugees has to be amplified so that services can be enhanced equitably.

Elevating the provision of livelihood opportunities, is a priority sustainable mechanism for reducing poverty and improving economic access to health services.

Increasing educational opportunities also, form part of a long term strategy to increase livelihoods and improve health status.

Communicable disease control with epidemic/outbreak preparedness and response including prevention and treatment of diseases should be improved.

Advocate for improvements in water and sanitation, to reduce the risk of the disease transmission from non-potable water and poor sanitation should be prioritized.Health and hygiene promotion including prevention programmes and screening, nutrition and hygiene messages with distribution of materials in appropriate languages,should also be broadened.



I put my final thoughts in this article with humility,seeking to understand all points of view, of this crisis.

 To be a refugee today,means to be cut off from every principle designed to protect life.Hope has turned into anger and has subsided into misery and resignation amongst them.

The crisis has created the risk of a race,with countries competing to be the toughest,in the hope of protecting themselves,despite their international responsibilities and this has given space and false air of legitimacy, to those who promote fear of separation.

For the immediate future, the highest ordeals remain to end the political conflict with peaceful negotiations and accountability for the people.As with any global problem of the 21st century,uncoordinated national fragmentation are not the answer.

We must also understand that as long war is part of the human condition,no country powerful & free,is immune to war and its nationals, disintegrating into refugees.

I would like to echo also, all national broken and free,has an inescapable moral duty to provide humanitarian assistance and must respond to the barbarism of the inflicting sexual systematic violence.

I believe this is that ‘once in a generation’ moment when nations have to unite. The last time there were this amount of refugees was after World War II,where nations came together to forge the United Nations Charter.

My final remarks would be that, ‘time’ is defined not by the catastrophic crises itself, but by how we  define and establish an international community, to create a stable and a safe world,for everyone.

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